Extraction: on the Margins
California Society of Printmakers Themed Portfolio Exchange

“Out on the margins … we live in a distorted mirror image of the center, which perceives our ‘nature’ as primarily resource. Here negative space can be more important than what’s constructed from its deported materials elsewhere.”
~ Lucy Lippard, Undermining

Our current cultural and political climate often encourages us to think of ourselves and our surroundings as commodities, to focus on maximizing what we can take from our lands, our selves, and each other. In Undermining, Lucy Lippard describes the effects of mineral extraction in the American West. She could just as easily be describing countless other interactions among people, or between people and our surroundings. The same kind of extraction and resulting alienation happens when the products of industrial agriculture are exported to distant lands, when tourism distorts the spaces and peoples it purports to honor, or when corporations monetize our labor, our attention, and our data.

Call for Participation:
This portfolio invites participants to consider the kinds of extraction in which we engage and their lasting effects on our sense of place and our sense of ourselves — what do we gain from mining all we can from the land? From each other? What forms do these extractions take? How are we enriched and how are we diminished?

For full prospectus, project details and submission form visit the CSP Submittable.

This is a call for proposals for member-initiated creative projects which engage the CSP membership. Projects are limited to your imaginations.

The Board of Directors will review proposals at the beginning of March, April and May; and select proposals for funding on a rolling timeline for three months, or until funds for this initiative are exhausted. When that happens we will let you know.

This opportunity is open to all current Artist, Student, Lifetime and Honorary members.

Live Lightning Style Artists’ Talks
35 Artists, 5 Minutes each
Sunday, September 27, 11:30–3:15 San Francisco time
CSP is participating in the San Francisco Center for the Book’s Annual Roadworks Steamroller Festival with a full lineup of lightning style artists’ talks. Sunday, September 27 from 11am to 4pm.

Thirty-five CSP artists will talk about their prints. You are welcome to drop in for a single talk or stay for all talks which will take place via zoom. Our artists will begin talking at 11:30 and complete by 3:15.

In 2015, CSP member, Cathy DeForest, started Vision Quilt, a national nonprofit committed to empowering communities to create solutions to gun violence through the power of art and inclusive dialogue. People ages 3–96 have made Vision Quilt panels. Vision Quilt has worked in the Oakland schools and community for the past four years.

Active Vision Quilt volunteers are exploring ways to duplicate panels, weather proofing them and hanging them around Lake Merritt and making them into yard signs! The most recent panels were created by the SF Poster Syndicate and are shown here.

If you wish to donate a panel to the project it will be exhibited widely and become part of the website’s Virtual Quilt.
Each panel needs to be printed on fabric or canvas, not paper.

As an effort to remedy racial and gender inequity in the art world at large and more specifically in our local printmaking community, CSP is partnering with college level Art History and Printmaking faculty to publish essays on California’s diverse printmaking history. The initial focus will be on California printmakers who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and/or female identified.

Interested authors should submit a brief proposal indicating the research subject and why they are of interest; author status (faculty, student) and institution; and expected completion date to website@caprintmakers.org

Membership in the CSP is open to artists from anywhere in the world who create hand-pulled prints. This includes artists who use traditional printmaking techniques, such as etching, lithography, relief printing, and silk screen. It also includes artists who make hybrid prints, monoprints, and artist books, so long as some hand printmaking is involved. Artists who use solely photographic or digital methods are not eligible for artist membership.

Artist Members are juried into the organization by a review committee of current and past members of the CSP Board. Deadline: June 1, 2020.

For more information and to Apply: CSP Submittable page.

Call for Proposals
The California Printmaker 2021
Color and Printmaking

The California Society of Printmakers is soliciting proposals for its 2021 issue the theme: Color and Printmaking. We are interested in how working with color helps you express your ideas, discover new directions and develop a cohesive body of work. We are also interested in your process, including methods and materials.

We would like proposals by print artists such as yourselves and are also seeking recommendations of artists (please include website link) whose work contributes to this topic. Artists are invited to write their own articles; we are also able to provide an editor to facilitate. Articles should be 700–1500 words, with accompanying images

Proposals Deadline: August 30, 2020

California Society of Printmakers Shelter In Place Grants

What it is:
In line with CSP’s mission to support professional development and opportunities for printmakers, the CSP Board of Directors is offering a number of unrestricted cash awards ranging from $200 to $500 each, to current CSP artist members whose art making has been negatively impacted by the recent Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Please tell us why you should be selected to receive this award in 100 words or less.

Who is eligible:
All CSP Artist & Student Members in good standing.
Current and recent CSP board members are not eligible for this program, in compliance with CA 501c3 guidelines.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2020
Notification of awards to applicants: May 8, 2020

How to apply:
Apply thru submittable. Provide a brief 100 word maximum description of why you would like to receive funds, including the amount requested.

About funding:
Awards may be given proportionally depending on the number and characteristics of the applications.