Solarplate Monoprinting with Dan Welden

When:  May 20, 21, 22 10am-4pm
Where: Printmaking Studio at California College of the Arts, Martinez Hall
Oakland Campus, 5212 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Workshop Open to CSP Members

Solarplate printmaking is fast, simple and spontaneous for artists who like to draw, paint, digitize, photograph, collage or make marks by hand.  The process yields multiple impressions with many colors variations from a light sensitive matrix. High quality impressions are achieved without any acids, chemicals or hazardous solvent. They are processed simply with sunlight and tap water.

This workshop is designed for CSP members ready for adventure. Work with the originator of Solarplates to scale up and expand your practice. You will be introduced to a variety of mark making and printing techniques as well as unique, original color inking techniques. Participants may also bring and consider collograph materials to complement and enhance their matrix.

Participants will be encouraged to take an “experimental approach” to this workshop and have the “openness” of a risk taking adventure.

Cost: $410 includes one 16×20” Solarplate or the equivalent in smaller plates (at 25% discount for workshop participants)

Paper and additional plates will be available for purchase