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CSP EDITIONS is home to a catalog of currently available and archived fine art prints. At the present time all prints originate from two sources: the CSP Commissioned Print program and the previous CSP Annual Print program.


The CSP Commissioned Print program is an effort to increase awareness and broaden the appreciation of contemporary fine art printmaking in the West by commissioning one CSP Artist Member each year to produce a limited-edition print.

These Commissioned Prints are distributed to our Patron Members, made available to CSP members at the Annual Meeting, and open to the public for sale through this website.

One print is held in reserve and archived at the California Society of Printmakers Print Collection located in San Francisco.

For more information please contact *protected email*


2014 Commissioned Print


Artist: Jonathan Barcan
Title: Living mode #6
Medium: Etching
Size: 15″ x 20″
$130 CSP-members
$250 non-members 

Member / Non-member

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ABOUT Jonathan Barcan
Jonathan Barcan is a San Francisco based mixed media artist and printmaker that exhibits nationally and internationally. Recent noteworthy exhibitions include the New Florence Biennial, Florence, Italy, and the Today Museum Printmaking Center, Beijing, China, and residencies at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, and Tech Shop SF, San Francisco. Barcan is active in the local arts community as a participant, curator, and volunteer. He recently sat on the Steering Committee for the 2014 Southern Graphics International Conference as the Exhibitions Committee Chair, and he currently sits on the Board of Directors as the Exhibitions Co-­‐ director for the California Society of Printmakers.


My artwork is derived from my fascination with what it means to be a human being in our contemporary world.

It is a complex system of trying to synthesize the enormous amount of information from a constant engagement with our bodies and new technologies. We try to process and understand the value and the difference between actual and virtual space, and we negotiate instinctual human needs with the consumptive needs of the global market and mass media.

With the increasing velocity and constancy of information, it can be hard to keep up with knowing what exactly is going on. Sometimes I think to myself, it is as if with out conscience, in the same way that a rock knows nothing of the hillside it slides down or a molecule knows nothing of the biological current it travels, our collective culture is moving with a forward momentum that exists without memory.


2013 Commissioned Print










Artist: Carrie Ann Plank
Title: Ecliptic
Medium: Stone Lithograph, Screenprint
Size: 11″ x 24″ image size
$100 CSP-members
$400 non-members 

* Prints are available to non-CSP members  through WARNOCK FINE ARTS in Palm Springs, CA. For direct purchasing please contact Warnock Fine Arts for details.


ABOUT Carrie Ann Plank
Carrie Ann Plank is an artist working in both the mediums of Printmaking and Painting.  She is the Associate Director of Printmaking MFA & BFA Programs at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Additionally, Carrie Ann is active in the local arts community as a participant, juror, and volunteer, and is a current board member of the California Society of Printmakers. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from East Carolina University and her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Pennsylvania State University.

For more information about Carrie Ann please visit her website: carrieannplank.com

ABOUT Ecliptic

Ecliptic is an edition of 20 numbered prints combining stone lithography and screenprinting techniques on Rives BFK paper. The paper size is 11 x 24 inches.

Concerning the print subject Carrie Ann states, This body of work is from a continuing series based on recontextualizing information. In our current web-inflamed age, there is a level of over-saturation with the availability of information and images. I experiment with ways to reorganize and reinterpret found imagery. My agenda is purely aesthetic. There is beauty in charts, graphs, and other visual detritus that accumulates. My goal is for this informational detritus to take on new roles based on contexts and juxtapositions.


2011 Commissioned Print
Robin McCloskey












Artist: Robin McCloskey
Title: San Gregorio II
Medium: Photo-etching, etching, monotype
Size: 17″ x 14.5″ image size
$100 CSP-members
$175 non-members

 ABOUT Robin McCloskey

Robin McCloskey is a San Francisco Bay Area printmaker, digital artist and teacher.  Her work combines photo derived and manipulated imagery with traditional and experimental printmaking techniques. The primary elements of her work include the San Francisco Bay and the redwood forest in which she layers ordinary objects of personal significance: chairs, books, eyeglasses, coffee cans, shoes. Robin has been a member of the California Society of Printmakers since 1992.

For more information about Robin please visit her website: robinmccloskey.com

ABOUT San Gregorio II

San Gregorio II is an edition of 20 numbered prints combining photo-etching, hard ground etching and monotype techniques on Fabriano Tiepolo paper. The paper size is 24 x 22 inches.

Concerning the print subject Robin states, As artists we employ multiple methods for interpreting the world. A photograph is one kind of interpretation, a drawing or etching is another. A geologist who studies the strata of rock formations studies layers of time differently than an archeologist who unearths remnants of the past. This print is about the different ways we experience, interpret and represent the passing of time.

CSP ANNUAL PRINT (past- 2010)

The CSP Annual Print program selected a CSP Artist Member each year to produce an editioned print to benefit CSP Patron and Supporting Members. On occasion extra prints were created which are now available for purchase through CSP Editions.

2010 Annual Print

2009 Annual Print









Artist: Nif Hodgson
Title: Untitled (Origin Story I)
Medium: Hard ground etching, soap ground aquatint.
Size: 13″ x 10″ image size

Prints Available: 0


2008 Annual Print

2007 Annual Print

2006 Annual Print

2005 Annual Print












Artist: Barbara Milman
Title: Attic Vase
Medium: Linocut
Size: 15″ x 20″ image size

Prints Available: 1

$100 CSP-members
$175 non-members
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